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A compressor that is oil-free is an air compressor that utilizes an already-lubricated material like Teflon rather than oil for coating its components of compression. Certain oil-free compressors employ water as an alternative to oil to lubricate as well as cooling. The alternative materials safeguard the pump and permit the mechanism to run effortlessly without oil or synthetic fluids.

What’s the Distinction Between Oil-Free and Lubricated Air Compressors?

The distinction between oil-free and oil-filled compressors is massive, far above oil-free. From life expectancy and cost consider the advantages and disadvantages of oil and oil-free compressors in a variety of key areas.

life Expectancy

Think about lubricated compressors in lieu of compressors that are oil-free if you require longer life for your equipment. The oil contained in the lubricating compressor reduces friction when parts rub against one another, resulting in a longer lifespan and fewer repairs. Air compressors that are oil-free be much less durable and have a shorter lifespan.

Maintenance Needs

While compressors that are oil-free tend to require more work for an overhaul in their life However, lubricated compressors require greater regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good shape. As time passes the compressor that is lubricated requires changing its oil. They also require greater filtering monitoring to stop the oil from impacting downstream equipment or creating excessive contamination.


The compressors that are oil-free tend to be smaller and lighter, making them more mobile because they don’t need any space to store the oil. If you require an air compressor for moving within a manufacturing area then it may make sense to buy one that is oil-free.

Climate Needs

Lubricated compressors are most effective in warmer climates where warmer temperatures enable the oil to run smoothly and without oil. Compressors that do not require oil are best suited for more cold climates where dry, cold air can be a source of fuel for your business.

An oil-free air compressor maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations should prove to be as reliable as its oil-filled counterparts. However, materials used for seals other than oil should be considered consumables that require periodic replacement. While this period can be a year or more depending on how the compressor is used, oil-injected compressors don’t require extensive repairs.

The flip side of changing seals is that regular oil and filter changes are not required. Depending on how the compressor is run and downtime costs, this may help justify the cost difference between oil-free and oil-injected air compressors.

Consider Maintenance Cost And Frequency

Oil Free Air Compressor for Sale

As a manufacturer of oil-free air compressor products, we will do our best to serve you. If you need customized products, or the products you need are not found in our website, or need a product catalog, don’t worry, more of our products are still being uploaded. You can email us directly, we will reply you within 24 hours!

Do I Require Non-oil Compressed Air?

The choice of buying an oil-free, oil-free compressor relies on a variety of factors, including whether you have to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your equipment in accordance with industry standards, guidelines, or guidelines.

There are many methods that can be employed to give the exact air quality needed, however, there is a bit of confusion regarding the level of air needed and how the quality of air is defined. In essence, oil-free air is created without oil or lubricant (oil) when it comes into connection with compressed air when oil-free air is made using the traditional method (direct contact between compressed air and oil) after which it is applied an oil removal process to decrease the final Oil residues within the final product.

A variety of industries and services require the use of compressors that are oil-free: For instance. Dental, medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, 3d printer, etc.

The oil-free series is free of particles and water by using filtering and dryers. The compressors can be utilized in conjunction with a system that needs HTM 2022 compliance, or to supply Class 1 or Class 0 compressed air in accordance with EN ISO 8573-1.

Why Would You Opt For An Oil-Free Compressor?

We all know that air purity is essential in a variety of industries. Even the tiniest drop of oil can lead to product degradation or cause damage to production equipment. This is why it’s crucial to take into consideration the production process as well as the final product before selecting the right air compressor. Businesses are increasingly considering air compressors that are oil-free to be a viable source of fresh compressed air.

The oil-free compressor employs a variety of methods to eliminate the requirement for oil. An oil-lubricated compressor is an oil that is used in the chamber of compression to keep the air cool and sealed. In a compressor that is oil-free, there is no oil used inside the chamber of compression, no matter the type of technology utilized. This eliminates the possibility of contamination and guarantees 100 air purity!


One of the main advantages when choosing a compressor without oil as well as a completely risk-free operation

Low Cost of Ownership

Reduce costs for oil changes and also on equipment that cleans and separates airborne oil like oil separators, filters, and treatment of condensate.

Low Maintenance

A lack of oil and reduced moving parts mean less maintenance and fewer problem areas.

Environmental Friendly

Compressors without oil are more in compliance with international environmental standards than systems that are lubricated and are the most eco-friendly choice for compressors.

ISO-certified Air Quality

Our air compressors are compliant with ISO Class 1 or ISO Class 0 air purity.

Oil-free Water-lubricated Air Compressor Advantages:

01. Clean air 100% oil-free.

02. Optimal isothermal compression.

03. Reasonable Structure, with perfect balancing.

04. Components made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials ensure durability.

05. Significant energy saving, environmental-friendly, and pollution-free.

06. Designed especially for medical, pharmacy, instrument, coating, chemical industry and food processing, etc.

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The Quality Of Our Oil-Free Compressors

Our high-quality standards as a leading manufacturer are also reflected in the exceptionally long service life of our oil-free compressors. Even after thousands of operating hours, our team’s oil-free compressed air compressors operate quietly and reliably – an advantage you can rely on.

Compressors for oil-free air are essential in many applications because oil vapors can damage valves, clog nozzles, contaminate the air or distort measurements.

Oil-free compressor It is therefore the ideal solution for pure compressed air that requires minimal maintenance. They are used worldwide in various industries, including compressed air in medical and laboratory technology as well as in the food and beverage industry.

With many years of experience and a comprehensive product range, we can provide reliable and individual system solutions for many fields of application (portable or stationary).

Let us advise you on possible applications and take advantage of the convincing advantages of our oil-free compressors.

The Clean Air Solutions You Need

Does your commercial or industrial application require your compressed air to meet the highest air purity standards?
Both oil-free and oil-filled compressors can be designed with downstream mechanical filtration to remove all impurities from the air. However, oil-free compressors do not introduce oil or other lubricants into the air compression process, providing extra assurance for highly sensitive applications.

Oil-Free Air Compressors Are Designed for Applications Where Clean, Pure Air Is Critical, Delivering High-Quality Air to Your End Products.

Looking to enhance your compressed air or fluid management process?

Our teams are on call and ready to provide you with compressed air and fluid handling solutions unmatched in the industry. From technical expertise you can rely on to industrial equipment from leading manufacturers, we provide everything you need to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Industrial air solutions with oil-free air compressors and air dryers

Oily air can cause havoc, from contaminating pneumatic systems to contaminating critical instruments or creating unsafe ambient condensation. When 100% oil-free air is critical to the safe operation of your equipment and projects, our 100% oil-free air compressor rentals can provide the compressed air, cooling or air drying solutions you need.

The Compressed Air Without Oil, Air Cooling, Or Air Drying Solution for Your Company Requires

A majority of companies rely on processes and environments that require dry, cool air. Although this air may not be always oil-free, it’s essential to keep it clean and safe. There’s no reason to buy any new equipment such as an air compressor which spits out small amounts of oil.

The air compressors that we offer are oil-free. as well as air dryers are a great solution to keep the air pure and free from impurities in the course of daily operations and when using equipment from outside for repairs and upgrades.

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